Monday, April 27, 2009

What Would We Do Without Her?!?!

There is never a lack of laughs at our house – mainly due to Quin. I’m not quite sure where she came from, but boy does she keep us entertained! A few nights ago we were putting the babies’ pajamas on after baths and she wandered into her bedroom. In less then a minute she came strolling nonchalantly back in with this ensemble.

Jason and I couldn’t contain ourselves. Big girl Elmo (Melmo to her) undies perfectly centered on her head, and her red ladybug rainboots over her zip up yellow pajamas. I see a future in fashion for her (or complete ridicule over her fashion sense).

She was also in rare form yesterday. On two separate occasions she tried to get Jason’s attention by calling him ‘Jason’. What two year old calls their parent by his/her first name?!?! For dinner last night we had tomato soup and paninis. Her bowl has a suction bottom so that it stays in place. Well… she decided she wanted to drink her soup (like her cereal) and proceeded to pull up on the bowl. The suction held out for a few moments as the soup sloshed back and forth, but before I could reach her the suction came loose throwing tomato soup all down the front of Quin, as well as the hutch behind her. It was classic! Soup was dripping from her eye lashes and end of her nose. She used the back of her hand to wipe it away as she stared ahead, in shock. Lack of sleep has gotten to me because I couldn’t even pretend to be upset. I laughed so hard I cried! Bath night came a night earlier (and Quin hates baths, so it was a consequence in and of itself). She is only one. In my wildest dreams, I can’t imagine what we are in for when it is times three! :)

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ab said...

My niece is the cutest. Need I say more?