Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Newborn and 2 Year Pictures

The first four pictures were added after the original post - scroll past them for the original.
The first four pictures were used for each babies picture on the right side of the blog. I love each one, so I didn't want to lose them when I updated the pictures.

Soon after the babies turned 9 weeks we had their newborn pictures taken. We also considered them Quin's second birthday pictures - nothing like killing four birds with one stone! :) Quin was not into having her picture taken, so we have just a few of the six of us. I was hoping to get a really good one with the four kids, but it didn't go as planned. Oh well - I think this will be the case with pictures for awhile.

We had Chad, of Chad Bosma Photography, take our pictures. He has taken our pictures the last two years for our Christmas cards also. He does a great job!!! The best thing is the price - he charges $200 for the session, which includes a photo CD signed over to you at the end. He doesn't mess around with ordering pictures, which I love. He took close to 1000 pictures of us, and the disc had close to 300 digitally enhanced pictures that I can use any way that I want. All of the new pics on the blog were taken by him. Below are just a few of the pictures that he took. If you want to check him out, his website is www.chadbosma.com

Ellery says, "get me out of here"!
Nothing like a little bribery :)


beautifulsue said...

the pic of quin with the sucker and the 3 babies is adorable!! love them all and you all look great. so glad to read that everyone is doing well.

Nate said...

Ellery seems to be the star of the show. However, I'm very partial to Easton's "profile pic." Poor guy.