Monday, April 20, 2009

Lovin' the Sun

The weather this past Saturday was gorgeous!!! Quin lives to be outside, and was in heaven. She spent every available minute outside. We went on two walks, Quin helped Jason organize the garage and fix a sprinkler head. I think she found every toy in the shed too. We decided to put the babies in a pack-n-play on the patio while we ate dinner. They loved looking up at the sky and stared at the leaves on the trees. They did so well, we were able to hang out in the backyard and play with Quin. Every few minutes she would go back and check on them – letting us know with a scream that they were okay.
Let the sun shine!!!!

Easton, Gianna, Ellery
Earlier in the day I caught Easton giving Gianna a little hug! I am sure I will have to pull this picture out in a few years to remind them that they really do love each other :)


roobee said...

Great pictures, Joelee! Those kids are too adorable. But I know you know that. :-)

Thanks for the updates; your little ones are helping me get really fired up for my own little one (ETA: less than a month!). I hope you and Jason are doing well.

ab said...

I love the feet picture! Where'd the little ones get those sweet little outfits?!

See you this weekend!