Monday, May 4, 2009

Medicine x3

Giving medicine to one infant, not fun. Giving medicine to three infants can be torture at times.

Because Ellery’s thrush wasn’t clearing up as fast as our pediatrician would have liked, he up-ed her dose when he diagnosed Easton and Gianna’s thrush. I now have to give them each 4 ml’s of medicine, four times a day (initially I was giving Ellery 2 ml’s two times a day). The medicine is yellow, and the babies don’t love the taste so they spit it out. After the initial swab, they clench their lips tight together making it hard to get the swab into their mouth. Oh, what joys - and it is only the beginning!

(Ellery is on the top left and Gianna is on the top right)

They have also joined the ranks of disliking each other at times. If I put them too close together, they will start to push and kick each other (when awake). So, I have had to separate them. :) I am just waiting for the first black eye! It is amazing to me how big they are getting. I know they are teeny-tiny for their actual age, but to me they are growing like weeds!

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Jill said...

I know the medicine chaos. Joey is on Reglan, Zantac, Caffeine, and Poly-Visol. Trying to remember when to give what has been challenging. Luckily, Joey will take the Caffeine and the Poly-Visol if we mix it in 10cc of milk/formula. He doesn't care for it straight. We were spoiled with our daughter who takes Tylenol/Motrin without a problem. Luckily they won't be on it forever =)