Monday, May 18, 2009

Needing an Escape Plan

Jason gives me a wonderful gift each weekend - time away with Quin. She and I go to Kindermusick each Saturday morning. This past Saturday we did not have class, so Quin and I were able to head to the mall so I could spend my Mother's Day gift card on a pair of shoes that I have had my eye on for quite awhile (because I am wearing them where?!?! Still not sure about that). We were gone for a little longer than usual and by Saturday night Jason was itching to get out of the house. See, the gift of time away is two fold - yes, it is time with Quin but it also demonstrates to Jason how sometimes it is difficult to be home with the babies and have no interaction with the outside world :) I know he completely understands this, but a gentle reminder every so often is nice!

Our cheap solution was to go to Grand Haven for the kite show on Sunday. When we leave it has to be planned out to the minute. We got everything completely ready before the 10:00am feeding, so all we had to do was put the babies in their carseats and take off. It was windy and very chilly, so I sat in the mini with the babies while Jason and Quin watched the kite show. Win/Win: I read the entire Sunday paper in peace and quiet, and Quin saw kites synchronized to music. Jason said it was pretty cool. Quin of course loved it!
After Quin and Jason came back I wanted to get a picture of Quin with the kites in the background. Within seconds she was off, trying to catch up with the kites. At least she looked back to see if I was going to join her.


ab said...

I love how the sand is kicked up under her shoe in the 2nd picture. She must have been moving fast!

roobee said...

Cute stuff! (As always...) How awesome it is that you ended up in Grand Haven. Just two minutes away from the kite show, you would have been able to come over and meet baby Goldie at my house. She's been home a week now, and it's still quite a blur. ;-)

Again, thanks for the great updates. I'm catching up on your little ones during my reinstated late night feedings. :-) Have a fantastic week!