Tuesday, May 26, 2009

So Big

I love looking at the picture of Easton next to Howie. I am absolutely amazed at how much each baby has grown, but I don't think I realize the extent until I look at pictures. I started looking through pictures of the girls to see how they have grown in the last four months. It is truly unbelievable to me!

Out For a Stroll:
Ellery was so teeny when we brought her home that I couldn't resist testing her out in Quin's toy stroller. Of course I did so after Quin went to bed - I didn't need to give her any more ideas :) The angle on the pictures are different, but you can still tell how much Ellery has grown both in height and in weight! When we took the second picture yesterday, I was afraid the fabric might not hold her.
If the Hat Fits, Wear It:
I loved this hat. It was one of my favorite 'finds' when the nurses let me dig through the hat bins. Gianna was known in the NIM for it. Most of the hats that volunteers make, while nicely made, don't compare in detail to this hat. I was surprised it never 'disappeared'. I tried it on Howie, and his head is shaped quite funny so it doesn't give you a good idea of how small the hat is. Between Jason's hand in the first picture and seeing the underside of the hat in the second picture hopefully you get the idea!


ab said...

Howie got 2 shout outs in this blog!! :) It's amazing how much the babies have grown. Little weeds!

♥ Queen said...

Hey, you guys didn't go to the Holland Market last Saturday did you? If not, there are another set of 3's out here!

Joelee said...

Nope, we weren't in Holland on Saturday. Another brave triplet family, out and about :) I think it would be fun to run into them with our three!