Friday, May 22, 2009

Wayr Howie?

This is a question that Quin asks many, many, many times a day!
When I first found out I was pregnant Jason and I tried to peak Quin’s interest in baby dolls, stuffed animals, blankets… To no avail, all she wanted to play with were ‘hard’ toys (blocks, plastic animals, balls…). In the fall she finally became attached to a mini ‘Melmo’ (Elmo) – the softer side was finally showing! After the babies were born she was given a few dolls and actually began playing with them. She still plays with all of them (lines them up, pats them all on their backs, feeds two at a time – I see a reflection of my actions often!). She is overly attached to a small Cabbage Patch doll that was given to her by the Lowe family, our friends and neighbors. The doll came with a name, I think it was Francine, but it never stuck. She always called it Baby until my sister, Abbey, came over to visit and casually called it Howie (as in Howie Long). Jason and I joked a few times about the name, but never thought Quin heard us. All of a sudden, her sweet baby was now called Howie. It is a hoot to hear her talk about Howie!

Shortly after getting Howie, his/her clothes disappeared. Nothing like a naked cabbage patch with all of its sewn joints :) While cleaning out the babies preemie clothes Quin chose one of Easton’s outfits that he wore in the NICU to put on Howie. Coincidentally, Erin Lowe who gave Quin the doll also made the outfit. Erin made some amazing clothes for all three babies that fit them perfectly while allowing for all of their cords. Below is a picture of Easton wearing the outfit in the NICU – I think he was about 3 weeks old. Then there is a current picture of Easton lying next to Howie. For being the smallest of the three triplets, Easton has still made really good gains with growth!

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ab said...

I cannot believe how much Easton has grown! Like a little weed! And how could I not comment on Howie? I'm so happy I could contribute to the re-naming of Francine. One of my proudest moments as an aunt. :)

PS: Forgot Howie turned into a he from a she!