Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sleeping Arrangements

We get a ton of questions about the triplets bedroom. (By the way, I like it when people ask questions like this, because then I know what others are also wondering.) Yes, we have them all in the same room. No, they do not sleep together. We are very firm on our feelings that they should sleep alone in their own beds (although we do think everyone has the right to decide whatever they want for their own child). Quin has only slept in her crib, or a pack n' play when we have been away from home.

Below are a few pictures of their bedroom. When we started planning their room, I was afraid that three cribs in a row would look too sterile, so we added door headboards and then pushed the cribs up against them. Yes, the cribs are close together. There is just enough room for one of us to change them and get them in and out of their crib. The bedding is the Alphabet Soup bedding from Pottery Barn. This was the same bedding we used in Quin's room. I was able to find the exact bedding that I already had, so we placed that on the girls beds. Also on Ebay I found bedding from the same line, a little more boyish, so that is what we put on Easton's bed. I am sure the designing experts would give me a thumbs down because all of the furniture is placed along the walls, but I wanted to maximize the floor space. I spend quite a bit of time with them in their room, on the floor. We could definitely use more room, but it works!

The view from the doorway:
Taken from the closet opening:
Taken from the corner with the chair:
While taking the bedroom pictures, I realized that I never posted pictures of our bathroom re-do. I am very happy with the way it turned out. As we were painting the stripes I think Jason was a bit peeved, but that's what he gets when I lay in a bed for 50 days and dream about decorating :)


TheGeerlings said...

Wow Joelee! Can you come decorate my house?!? Seriously, it looks incredible! What a great idea for their beds too. You are so stinkin' creative. Great work!

Chelsea and Jon said...

I think it looks great! I love the colors and layout for their room, and the stripes in the bathroom. How creative!