Saturday, September 26, 2009


Today we ventured into solids – although calling very runny baby cereal a 'solid' is a far stretch :)

We probably should have started this a few weeks ago, but I wanted to make sure that things settled down at home and that we could be consistent. Between me starting work again and Jason being out of town a few days this past week, we thought it best to wait.
It was pretty uneventful (I know, we will get there!). None of the babies loved it, or hated it. All three seemed confused about this icky white stuff, and weren't sure what to do with it!

Easton, Ellery and Gianna before we started! Don't they look excited :)

I have some mixed emotions about starting ‘food’. I know this is a step in the right direction, but also feel like teaching three babies how to ‘eat’ could be such a huge undertaking. I would love to puree as much of their food as possible, but know my time is limited. I love the idea of them growing into being ‘eaters’ and look forward to the end result, is the journey there that seems somewhat daunting.

Our experience with Quin was far from normal, so my view on starting solids may be somewhat tainted. From about three weeks of age and on, we knew that Quin had a lot of little issues that added up to one big issue, she couldn’t eat. She had low muscle tone in her cheeks, her tongue was too big for her month and she had great difficulty coordinating her tongue and swallow motions. We eventually went to Mary Free Bed Rehab for feeding therapy. They were fab-u-lous! You would never know now that she had so many hurdles! My experience through her therapy taught me a ton about feeding interventions. I think this knowledge is double edged – I have already used a few little techniques when the babies began feeding from bottles. I do notice that Gianna has a few funny tongue movements that remind me of Quin, but nothing as severe! I hope my anxiety is for nothing!!!

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Grandma Barb said...

The babies look so impressed. Jason as a baby loved his index finger on left hand, so had to hold hand and feed at same time., that was a challenge sometimes. Love to you all, Grandma Barb.