Thursday, September 3, 2009

100th Post

How amazing that 100 posts ago I was sitting/lying at home on bedrest, with so many unknowns as our journey was just beginning. It seems like a lifetime ago!

I know I began this blog as a way to communicate about the triplets. Over time it has slowly turned into a peek at our everyday lives. I love to write about how we are managing with four small children. It is a neat way for me to document our happenings. I have had fun going back and reading the entries from the very beginning. I have found several online companies that take blogs and turn them into keepsake-type books. I have decided to forgo baby books for the triplets. Instead I hope to turn this blog into a book and have them printed for each of the babies as well as Quin. I am sure I will also have one printed for us to read and cry over after all four have left us (how crazy to think about our house with only the two of us!).

I would like to thank all of you for taking this wild roller coaster ride with us. Now that the babies are doing so well, I wouldn't blame you for hopping off :) I will continue to write about how all four kids are growing and you are all welcome to continue to read along. Thanks again!

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Katie said...

i totally agree. i was making shutterfly photo books for each year (i am sooo not crafty to do it by hand). but when i found i figured i will just print out my blog and use that...i have my favorite pics in here anyway. i might still do a quick shutterfly one...but kind of an old school one with ALL the photos(just throw all the pics in like i used to in my old albums). i figure this will be good enough :)