Monday, September 7, 2009

The End of Summer

Okay, so technically it isn’t the end of summer. But, if you are a teacher or a student, it definitely feels like the end (in Michigan we can’t start school until the Tuesday after the holiday).

Over the long weekend, we were able to spend a little more carefree time with my sister's family. We had a wonderful day of lounging, eating and letting the babies roll around together.

It is crazy to think that only a few short months ago, the triplets were a third of the size of Lincoln. By looks of this picture, our four kids can't believe it either.
I discovered that my computer has a 'trial' photo editing program, so I was doing a little experimentation. Found out that I don't like it... I couldn't figure out how to turn it back to color or get rid of the 'text here' box. Oh, well... you get the gist of the picture, right?!?! (This just cements the idea that I really do need to figure out the whole photo editing program dilemma!)
This ADORABLE hat was given to us as a present. I so appreciate practical gifts (that is usually what I give), but the impractical, only use a couple of times, gifts are great fun. This hat was HUGE for Easton when we first got it. I have a ton of cute pictures of him with the hat on. Look how happy he looks. (I do love kids in hats!).
We don't have many pictures of all six of us - not too bad! I can't expect six people to look at one camera, especially when four of them are kids under two and a half.

Tomorrow is my first official day back to teaching. I really am looking forward to getting into the swing of things again! It has been a perfect transition so far. Over the past few weeks, I have been able to slowly leave the house for longer periods of time each day. I have been able to do last minute errands, get my room completely ready and last week I had inservice days. I am hoping that by starting our daycare routine three weeks early will ease the stress of me being gone all day, every day. (Yes, the stress for both the kids as well as myself!) I don't look forward to the inevitable time crunch that working full time is going to create on our weekends. The four kids have done incredible so far, and I hope to report soon that it has continued!


Katie said...

I love the family photo. Best wishes in the year ahead!

ab said...

I love how Linc is actually smirking in that picture! Too cute. We had a good time...I loved having all the kids together. Have a good first day back, Jo.