Sunday, September 20, 2009


Can you believe that it has been close to two weeks since I have posted! Some of you who have come to rely on me for at least two posts a week are either secretly thankful that I have finally become a busy lady, or have missed our little updates. If you are the latter, here are a few pics to help pacify you until I have a few extra minutes to update you on being a working mother of four small children. I have so much that I think about posting, but when given a choice, sleep usually wins.

{Briefly: I am exhausted, but loving it! I miss my own kiddos, but know they are in excellent hands when I am gone. I also feel so blessed to have a wonderful group of students who are as excited about learning as I am about teaching!}

Okay, back to the order of business... The first two pictures are from last weekend, as we started to get accustomed to our new weekend routine.
The babies hanging out in their room. (Gianna, Easton, Ellery)
I love the diaper pictures! Look at those round bellies :) They are lying in order from biggest to smallest, but it isn't as extreme as the picture leads you to believe. Between the angle that I took the picture and Easton holding up his legs, we aren't doing him any justice! (Gianna, Ellery, Easton)
We have had gorgeous weather the past few weeks! When possible, the woman who watches the kids brings them out back to play. Here Gianna and Easton are hanging out in their Bumbos, in the wagon. Quin enjoys pulling them around the backyard.
Ellery was enjoying her view from the swing.
This weekend Jason's mom was able to come over and visit. It was nice to have her here. Quin loved spending time with her, as well as her Pug, Micki. Quin LOVES Micki - although, sometimes her actions towards poor Micki border on abuse. Micki is a trooper and Quin is always sad when 'Gamma and Micki' leave!

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