Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Apple Orchard

This past Sunday we took our circus of six to the apple orchard. Weekends spent at home get very long. It is a lot of work to go any where, but it is always well worth it! Quin had a great time running through the rows of trees, comparing the different apples and finding the rotted apples hidden in the grass.
The orchard has an adorable 'house' made out of pumpkins which she was thrilled about before we even began the picking.
She also loved showing me each apple that she was able to pluck from the tree.
I love this picture! Not so exciting for most of you, but it cracks me up! :) The apple trees must have been much more interesting than I thought! I think it is funny that Jason and Quin are standing exactly the same - like father, like daughter.
It always amazes me how much attention we generate. I forget that having four small children, three of them being triplets, is so out of the ordinary. I live it every day - it is my norm - so I forget how special it really is.
I chose a quiet, out of the way row of trees to take a few minutes for a picture opportunity. No one was around! By the time the blanket was laid and the babies were out of the stroller, we had two groups of apple pickers who magically found the row that we were in. I could feel them watching my every move. At one point Jason turned around to get something out of the stroller which was less than 10 feet away, and they were picking from the tree directly behind the stroller (which was tucked nicely out of the center of the row). I finally heard someone say, 'you know guys, there ARE OTHER trees that we could choose to pick from'. I just wanted to thank her.
Jason and I are not people who like to be the center of attention, so this is still so new to us both. We do love to talk to people, and think it is very sweet of people to be so positive when talking with either of us!
Our triplet stroller works well, but definitely is not meant for the hills and valleys of the orchard. To make matters worse, apples kept getting stuck in the wheels. It was funny the first few times - Jason was not amused by the end :{
I have to add this blast from the past. Almost exactly two years ago, we took Quin to the same orchard. Check out that chub! :)


Grandma Barb said...

I remember the trip to orchard with you guys and Quin. To see her then and now gives me a lump in my throat. She is going up so fast. Love to you all, Grandma Barb

Katie said...

I love the pic of all four of them! It's precious. Hope all is going well at school!