Wednesday, December 29, 2010

3 Days of Baking

About a week before Christmas Quin became worried that we wouldn't have any cookies to leave for Santa - what a fear to have! So the three days before Christmas we... baked! Quin loves to help me in the kitchen, and what better place to make memories (and I have a feeling, a tradition was created too).
The plan was to use the time that the babes were napping each afternoon, to bake. It worked out well, for the most part.
On the first day we actually did not bake. We made two different types of dough and left them overnight in the refrigerator. We also dipped pretzels into white chocolate. YUM!
Quin is better at cracking eggs than I am!
The first day we had two of the cutest nappers wake up and wonder what we had been up to :)
We did most of the baking on the second day. Quin's favorite part... using the rolling pin and flour. We rolled out and baked sour cream sugar cookies and topped them with different kisses, and rolled some in crumbled candy canes - Quin LOVES candy canes! We also made cinnamon roll cookies - so worth all of the work!
Good thing Gigi gave her an early Christmas present - an adorable apron! Quin thought she could make a bigger mess with the flour because she had the apron on :)
On the third day we made caramel bars, and 'frosted' the cinnamon roll cookies. She loved squeezing the frosting out of the bag. There were a few cookies with big 'ol globs of frosting on them, but she got the hang of it after awhile.
She was so proud of her platter! It looked so fancy.
Unfortunately, we forgot the platter on our second day of Christmas when visiting Jason's side of the family. I was so bummed! I now have a ton of cookies in the freezer and hope they thaw out well later!

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Lesa said...

Soooo cute! LOVe the pic of her rolling out the dough. Such a look of concentration. :-) What fun to be able to start these traditions and how smart to utilize naptime. Now the real kicker will be pulling it off next year, right?! Enjoy the rest of your break!