Friday, December 3, 2010

The Search for the Perfect Tree

Before we had kids, Jason and I used to go to a local tree farm and cut down our Christmas tree. We would search and search for the perfect tree - some year's results were better than others. One of my favorite memories was of our first Christmas tree hunt. We found the perfect tree, but it didn't fit very well into my little Mazda MX6. We ended up stuffing it in from the trunk, past the back seat and out the passenger side window - I mean a good two feet out the window. The memory of the tip whipping through the wind and brushing mailboxes still makes me laugh. Needless to say, the tree was not so perfect by the time we got it home! :)

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it!) our last three Christmas' have been slightly bogged down with a baby, then bedrest and then many babies. Feeling the need for a good hunt, Jason and I decided to resurrect our tree hunt tradition.

We waited for a sunny and chilly (not freezing) day, and went after the babes afternoon naps. The babes started out in good moods. Gianna was happy - just a little squished in the picture :)
I love Easton and Gianna's expressions. About ten minutes into the trip, I think they wondered what in the world we were doing!
After about fifteen minutes, Easton had had enough! He kept whipping his mittens on the ground. His teeth were chattering and he wouldn't stop whining/crying.
Gianna lasted a little bit longer. She had fun chasing the wagon through the trees and would hop back in when she would get tired.
And then there's Elle... she was in heaven. The girl loves to be outside, and she thought we were there purely for the game of hide and go seek - she had a blast!
As soon as Jason started to cut down the tree, all three babes stopped what they were doing and watched. Quin could not figure out how in the world we were going to put the tree 'back together' once we got it home. :)
It was so cute watching Quin chase the tree as Jason pulled it away.
I was very disappointed! Almost all of the trees looked as if they were already dried out, and all had big 'holes' or were lopsided. I finally found one the I could live with. Unfortunately, as we approached the machine that shakes and wraps the trees, we noticed all of the their pre-cut, perfect trees leaning against the building... ugh! Ours is really perfect after all though - it is ours!

To top our trip off - the building where we had to pay, had a small area of chicks that we were able to hold/pet. All three girls fell in love with the little chirpers.
Gianna kept trying to give them kisses.
Quin loved that she could hold them all by herself!
I love looking at our half decorated (I'm not sure how much the babes and Quin will really let us decorate this year), but perfect tree. What a great way to start our Christmas season! Another tradition that I can't wait to continue on with!

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