Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Santa Babies

If you haven't noticed yet... I love to get individual pictures of my kids in holiday head gear. I used to do it to Jinx and Miya too. They look sooo cute! My kids are getting smart though! They avoided me, the camera and the Santa hat as long as they could - stinkers! Instead, they thought it would be great fun to race on their riding toys around the house.
I finally caught them, or they tired themselves out.
Gianna thought she was hilarious playing peek-a-boo with the hat! Okay, she was pretty cute :) {I can read her mind already}
"What Mom? This hat? This is the one you want me to keep on my head?"
I was happy that Ellery cooperated well!
Easton on the other hand... wouldn't stay still to save his life (nothing new there). I still love this picture... Oh, those eye lashes!
And then there is Quin... fake Aquino smile and all :)


Lesa said...

I need to learn to take photos from YOU! Love these shots! of course you DO have pretty adorable subjects that make getting a good shot pretty much a no-brainer! ;-) Love the Eyes, lips, eyelashes, cheeks!

Joelee said...

You are so sweet Lesa! I think it is more about the camera and editing ;) Thanks!