Thursday, December 30, 2010

Good Morning Christmas!

Oh what fun! Christmas was even better this year than last - who woulda thought?!?!
Quin still did about 95% of the unwrapping, but I don't think she minded one bit!
The big difference this year? Gianna and Ellery were so excited to dig in to what Quin was unwrapping. (Last year, they just looked cute sitting in shiny wrapping paper).
Easton? Well... he didn't get into it for awhile. At first, he was mad that all of the boxes and wrapping paper and things were in the way. He just wanted to ride - he is such a boy! He was slowly drawn in by the toys as he saw what Quin was unveiling as she ripped the paper off of each package.
I couldn't get all four kiddos to look for even one quick second! Quin was obsessed with the dress up shoes that were peaking out between the papers, Ellery and Gianna loved ripping and wrinkling all of the paper, and Easton was finally excited by the toys!
Jason and I decided that the gift from us would be one big 'family' gift. The more I think about this idea, the more I like it. It amazed me how fast our budget exploded when buying for four kids - we will have to learn short cuts in the future!
The 'family gift' for this year was the relaunched ChooChoo Wagon! I couldn't believe how big it was when Jason brought it in the night before. If people didn't notice us before, they will surely notice us now. We will not be using this wagon when we want to go places and blend in with all of the other families ;)
The ChooChoo will be perfect for walks or for when I want to take the kids somewhere by myself! Each car has a seat belt - I love it!
Growing up, my brother, sister and I would spend forever combing through all of the goodies that Santa left in our stockings! We were allowed to look at only our stockings until our parents woke up. I hope my own children will get to that tradition in the coming years! For now though, we looked at the stockings after we opened all of the gifts!
Can you tell that Easton and Quin are ecstatic with the apples and bananas that Santa used to fill out the bottom of their stockings??? Personally, I think Santa was pretty smart - that banana really rounded the heel well! :) Their stockings were also stuffed with pretend things for their play kitchen. Quin was excited to put it all away.
There was about an hour to play before we had to get ready to go. All four kids were excited to dive into their new gear!
When asked what she wanted for Christmas, Quin has told them a changing table for her doll Betsy, and a dress-up doctor outfit.
Dr. Quin at your service:
She is all business when she is working! I love that she used her new changing table as her patient table. Good thing she was working that morning - she told us all 'Betsy needed rest, but she was going to be alright'. Whew!
Gianna loved her shiny new dress-up clothes!
And here is a picture for those of you who think my kids play so nicely together! Even on Christmas morning there is drama at our house! Ellery and Easton were fighting over Easton's new vacuum, and it broke - leaving them both in tears!
No worries though! Daddy fixed it, and Easton was back to vacuuming in no time! (Easton is obsessed with vaccuums - a little strange, but very endearing!)
Santa sure was good to our family! Now, we need to figure out where to put all of this stuff - yikes!


The Alexanders said...

hahaha, our boys are beyond obsessed with vacuuming, and any other cleaning supply they can get their hands on!

Joelee said...

Hee, hee! I would love to raise a little guy who will naturally clean up after himself, but I do think that the vacuum thing can get out of hands at time (at our house!). I may just have to introduce him to some other cleaning supplies though - more well rounded, I suppose ;)