Friday, December 3, 2010

Fall Family Pictures

When I contacted Tammi, of More Than Words Photography {by Tammi}, last summer and she was booked into the fall I was a little freaked! I booked our November pictures right away - and I wasn't disappointed.

(I still think Marc photography who did our summer pictures did a fabulous job too - I love how the two photographers captured our family so differently, but so perfectly). It is fun to see, through pictures, how much the kids have grown since the summer - amazing!

I am always impressed when photographers capture great pictures of the six of us! I love this beautiful couch, with the rustic setting. Kuddos to Tammi!

This one is one of my favorites. Who really cares about us - it is all about the kids!!!

L to R: Quin, Easton, Ellery and Gianna
This one reminds me of those pictures that comes in a frame when you buy it ;) Quin
Ellery - seriously... where did those eyes come from?!?!?
Gianna - I love how her fun, giggly side comes through in this picture.
Easton - He was freezing, and wasn't overly happy. I love how Tammi captured his cute serious side!
After some tickling, we got a few smiles out of him. I just love his smile and those big dark eyes!
This picture makes me laugh every time I see it! Tammi brought some empty wooden spools that the kids kept stacking and Easton thought it was hillarious to knock them down. I can still hear his laugh - he had so much fun!
Tammi captured some beautiful pictures of Quin!!! There is a whole series of her blowing this dandilion. Gorgeous!
I also love this one of Quin. Her eyes are normally more brown, but the green in them really comes out here.
A HUGE thank you to Tammi!!! She does such beautiful work, and is so easy to work with. I caught Quin arranging her toys the other day and taking pictures of them. When I asked her what she was doing, she told me she wanted to be like Tammi :) Love it!

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