Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dear Santa

Quin was very precise about what to do for Santa this year. Her attention to detail cracks me up! She must really pay attention to the pictures in our Christmas books, and to what she sees on TV.

After putting the babes to bed on Christmas Eve, we let her stay up for awhile to get Santa's plate ready. She went straight to work coloring him a picture. She decided that Mrs. Claus should be in the picture also - how sweet of her to think of the Mrs. ;) Santa is on the left, and Mrs. Claus is on the right. My favorite part about her picture is that they each have 'belly boos' (belly buttons). She added hats to both of them, and a lot of hair to Santa. There is also a reindeer and some presents near the bottom of the page. It will be fun to see how much her picture changes for next year!
She was also very particular about what to leave for Santa. Milk wouldn't do - no, he had to have Holly Nog. She also picked out each of the cookies herself (as well as a chocolate mouse that was brought over for us from our prior nanny - Quin thought the mice were the cutest, and yummiest things ever, so this was quite the sacrifice!). The plate wasn't complete until we also had carrots for Santa's reindeer.
She was so excited the next morning when all that was left were crumbs! Job well done Quin - Santa thought your treats were scrumptious, and the picture was unforgettable!

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