Wednesday, April 11, 2012

February - Valentines

After I posted last year about Quin's Heart Crayon Valentine's I had a ton of people ask how we were going to top it this year!  We have been so busy lately that my creativity has just been drained.  There were SO many cute ideas on line this year - so amazing!  I decided to use other people's ideas and change them up slightly :)

Quin passed out these adorable mint valentines to her classmates.  I found the idea here.  
 I have seen several different versions of this one floating around Pinterest.  I have seen them used for everything from back to school, to Christmas to Valentines.  I used Rolos for the inside of one pencil and Mentos for the other.  
 Quin and I happened to find these adorable gummy butterflies at our local candy store and she wanted to make a special valentine for her friend Izzy!  We used a freebie bag topper from here, and then added a butterfly cut out.  
 I made these for my own students - we are the Sizemore Superstars :)  They were a hit!  I found the idea here.

A huge thank you to all of the talented and creative people who share their ideas all of the time!!!

I have to say that I had some excitement when I glanced at my stats in early February.  I had over 800 hits on Quin's Heart Crayons post - just in the first two weeks of February.  It was also 'pinned' 22 times - hee, hee!  I know those are small numbers compared to the crazy talented craft bloggers, but it was fun to see for a few weeks :)

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