Monday, April 9, 2012

January - Birthday Hats

 Keeping with tradition, below are current birthday hat pics!  They were taken a few weeks after the triplet's birthday, but still are great benchmarks for how they look now! Boy how they look more like 'kids' and less like 'toddlers'.  If you go here, you can see my post from last year that had each kiddos newborn, 1 year and 2 year old picture.  Below I added last year's picture along with their new, 3 year old, picture.


Ellery continues to be the most serious of the triplet's.  She takes everything in, and is full of questions!  She is stubborn and strong willed, and will probably give me a run for my money in about ten years.  She loves to color, cut and create with playdough.  She could sit and watch TV all day long.  She isn't a big eater, but loves anything sweet.  She loves Quin, and mimics everything Quin does.  At times it feels like we have two sets of two because Ellery and Quin play very well together!  (All four do play well together too)
Ellery was discontinued from speech right before her 3rd birthday.


Gianna is our 'mini-momma'.  She is sweet and loving, but does have a short fuse.  G is her own little person, and doesn't mind hanging out by herself.  She can surround herself with all of the babies and play.  She is very protective of 'her' things, and tends to hoard things that she is afraid someone might take from her.  If someone is hurt, she is usually the first to give out hugs.  She is shy and takes awhile to warm up, but watch out once she is comfortable.  Gianna (along with Easton) goes to speech therapy once a week.  


And then there is Easton!  Our 'lil stinker ;)  Easton is the epitome of BOY.  He is non-stop, and he is loud.  He has a killer smile, and is a huger lover.  He loves cars, tractors and still loves his vacuum.  I can't bribe him to watch TV for a half hour.  He is a little peanut - weighing/measuring in at 4% on the growth chart - his personality makes up for it though.  He is rough and tumble, and loves to torment his sisters - but will not go to bed until he gives all three of them a kiss and hug goodnight.  He and Gianna are buds, and are often playing near each other.  

I am so happy to say that all three are POTTY TRAINED - Woo Hoo!  I was shooting for them to be potty trained by three years old.  Gianna and Easton were close in the fall, but Ellery was stubborn and held out as long as she could.  We went away for a few days over spring break and put them in pull ups for the sake of my sanity, but they out and out refused to go in the pull ups.  Good news for them, not so good for us as we quickly search for clean public restrooms!

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