Friday, April 6, 2012

January - Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday!!!

My babies turned 3 - yes THREE - years old at the end of January!  I cannot believe how fast the last few years have flown by, and how fast my tiny miracles have grown.  Ellery, Gianna and Easton are each such unique and special kids - and I am sooo lucky that I get to be their mom!

Instead of buying birthday presents, we bought a family membership to Deanna's Playhouse as their birthday gift.  Deanna's is such a neat place!  It is basically a huge warehouse turned into an indoor play center.  They have areas around an extremely large room that are intended to stimulate pretend play and to get kids active.  This is perfect for my kiddos.  Because we have a woman who watches them in our home each day, they rarely leave the house :(  Deanna's gives them a place to go, during the day, that has new and exciting toys and activities!

We took the kids there on their birthday, for the first time.  There is a pretend 'house' where Ellery loved doing the laundry.
 Gianna (my mini-momma) immediately found the babies.
 Ellery loved shooting hoops.
 Easton had a great time trying out all of the riding toys.
 There is an over abundance of dress up clothes and a large stage.
 {side note - I know, I know... you may be wondering about the germ factor???  First off, I am far from a germaphobe and tend to think that it is good for kids to be exposed to germs.  Deanna's seems to be kept super clean, so that does make me feel better.  With that said, I do have a large hand sanitizer that they must use as soon as they get in the car though.  :)  What the teacher in me has a bigger issue with is head gear...  just typing this makes me want to itch my head!  I have never heard of anyone catching anything from there, but it still gives me the heebie-jeebies.  The girls must wear their hair up when they go - and NOTHING is allowed on their heads.  I have actually heard Quin tell other kids about that rule too - ha!  Again - this is totally my issue though - and I have never heard of anyone getting lice from there!}

There is also an arts area where kids can color and play with playdough.  What's not to love about that - all of the fun and not the mess in my rug at home.  Woo hoo!

 After we had our full of fun at the playhouse, we met my parents for dinner.  My camera took horribly blurry pictures of dinner, so here are a few pics of the birthday kids opening their presents from Gigi and Popa.

How very special to have three 3 year olds!!!  How did I get to be sooo lucky!  (No, that is not sarcastic!)

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