Friday, April 6, 2012

January - Junk Day

Right after the babies were born, I 'created' a new family tradition... Junk Day.  It just so happens to coincide with Super Bowl Sunday - hee, hee!  I came up with Junk Day because the triplets were in the NICU and I knew our family of six wouldn't be going to any Super Bowl parties for years to come (I sure wish they would have the game early in the day, but that is besides the point!).   I really could care less about the game, and although the commercials are fun to watch, they are usually released early.  What I knew I would miss the most was the food.  I LOVE appetizers!  I am not a big 'meal' person, but I could graze all day long on, well, junk!  

Keeping our Junk Day tradition alive, we invited my brother, my parents and my sister and her family over to gorge upon junk food!  We could have called it 'Smother Isadora Day' too ;)  Poor girl!  She is one loved baby!

 A few shots of our goodies

 And, yes... the day ended with more smothering of Baby Isa!

I couldn't tell ya who played, or what the best commercial was... but I can tell you what we ate that day!  And I was able to share the day with my family!  I am calling it a win for me ;)

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