Friday, December 19, 2008

24 Weeks and Counting!

We have made it another week! Some scary and tense moments this past week, but here we are.

As I mentioned before, Tuesday was a much better day for Joelee. Things seemed to be very stable throughout the day and evening. I left late in the afternoon to pick Quin up from daycare and make dinner at home. We are trying to limit the amount of time Quinners spends at the hospital as we want to keep this as seamless as possible to her. Later in the evening, Joelee called me and was having a few more contractions. The doctor’s evaluated her and believed she was dilated to about 5cm. Based on how quickly things can progress with this pregnancy, they moved her back down to the Labor & Delivery floor for further monitoring. They still do not want to give her more Mag Sulfate, so they only put her back on fluids. This helps with hydration, especially of the uterus.

In the morning they determined that she indeed was de-hydrated and that this, in combination with having a full bladder, is causing many of the small contractions. Also, the dilation number can vary depending on the doctor that is evaluating….this can be subjective. They then moved Joelee back to her room for what we hope is “a long time”.

Wednesday and Thursday brought some better days for all of us. Joelee was feeling much better, eating well and was able to catch up on Quin’s baby book. I was able to tour the NICU unit and get answers to all my questions. Quin also made another visit to see “mommy and the babies” on Thursday. It was great that all three of us were able to eat dinner together…..not quite like home, but some great family time!

Did I mention that during all of this….I have had my brother in town remodeling our main floor bathroom? For those of you that don’t know me well, I like to see how much change one person can endure all at once. I feel it’s best to have a mess at home while Joelee is not here to see it. She will come home to a historical home that finally has been completely remodeled!

The holiday’s are now upon us and will bring some additional challenges. Fortunately, I am on vacation the remainder of 2008 and will be able to spend much more time with Quin and Joelee.
More updates to come soon!

Thanks again for all your thoughts and prayers!


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