Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Address for Christmas and Beyond?!?!

As of Sunday evening, Joelee now resides at Spectrum Butterworth hospital.

Joelee was feeling pressure and back pain most of the day on Sunday, which we figured was a side effect of the steroid shots from Thursday and Friday. Around 6:00pm on Sunday we called Dr. Jelsema to find out what we should do. He instructed us to go to the ER for an evaluation.

During the evaluation, they did another ultrasound to see how the babies were doing. Immediately, Joelee and I noticed that the babies were much lower than all previous exams. Everything looked fine for the babies and they continue to have strong heart rates. However, they looked to measure Joelee’s cervix and realized it was open. She was dilated (about 3-4 cm’s) so they admitted us to the Labor and Delivery unit.

They started Joelee on Magnesium Sulfate to relax her muscles and reduce any contractions she was having. This basically was an attempt to buy as much time as possible….as everyday counts!

As of Monday morning, the contractions stabilized and they moved Joelee to the maternity floor for further monitoring. They continued to keep her on the Magnesium Sulfate as a pre-caution. Dr. J made a visit in the morning to discuss what’s going on with the pregnancy and what the next steps are. He wants Joelee to remain in the hospital for the remainder of this pregnancy, which we all hope is for a long time. He explained what we could expect if things continue to progress and need to deliver the babies much sooner than we would like.

In the afternoon, a doctor from the NICU visited Joelee. He explained what we could expect with a pre-term delivery between 23 and 25 weeks. During this time period; the babies typically do not have fully developed eyes, brain, lungs, and the ability to eat. Everyday counts to assist this development!

Quin made her first visit to the hospital in the evening to see Joelee. She was so excited to see “mommy” and was talking about her all day. In typical Quin fashion, she found the hospital room to be a perfect dance floor. After some dinner and fun with mommy it was time to go, but not without a few kisses for “mommy and the babies”.

When I arrived this morning to see Joelee, they had just taken her off the Magnesium Sulfate and are no longer continuously monitoring her for contractions. This is HUGE news….as things have once again stabilized for her and the babies. Dr J does not want to keep her on the MS if it not necessary, as it does have some side effects.

We remain positive and realize how blessed we are. We appreciate all your thoughts and prayers - as this, along with our faith, gets us through each day!

I will do my best to keep this blog updated daily or weekly depending on how things are going.


ab said...

Nice work, Jason! Let me know how I can help. Jo seemed to be doing well when I talked to her this morning, so that's good. I probably annoy her when I call constantly. Oh well. She's my big sister.

See you soon!


Amy Clark said...

Thanks Jason for the update, sounds like you both will be stepping up as super mom and super dad to juggle it all. I'm so glad Joelee is off the mag sulfate! Let us know when we can stock that family kitchen so you don't have to eat Spectrum cafeteria food every day!! Many prayers are going up for you all.

Amy and Dave

Micki said...

I'm thinking about you guys daily. I hope and pray for the best. Thanks so much for keeping us updated. It was great to talk to you in person Jason on Sunday. I wasn't surprised to read that Joelee in now at Spectrum. I think that is certainly the BEST place for her now. I'm sure it's hard for her but it's best to be where she can get the necessary care at a moments notice. Please don't hesitate to call if I can help in any way. Micki

roobee said...

We are definitely keeping you guys in our thoughts!

Ruby and Jay

Katie said...

Our prayers are with you! Let us know if you need anything. We are great dog watchers!

Dan and Katie (Erin Lowe's sister) Tidball

Carol Baumann said...

Just checking on the playmates of my grandchildren. Hope all is going well for all you guys. Think of you often. Erin and Chris have kept me informed. I think this brings a lot of memories, but it is all worth it. Can't imagine the change in your family and get tired just thinking about it. Prayers for all of you.
Carol Baumann(Erin's mom)(Chris too)