Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Almost 23 Weeks

The good news is that the funneling and shortening of my cervix continues to be stable! We are very thankful for that. While doing the ultrasound they did not spend a lot of time looking at the babies, but from what we all saw they are still doing fabulous!

According to Dr. Jelsema’s records and measurements, I will be 23 weeks on Thursday. We will be doing steroid shots on Thursday and Friday. This will hopefully help give the lung development of each baby an extra push. Once we hit 25/26 weeks (with the steroids), there is a higher rate of success to keep the babies alive – so that is our big goal at this point!

He did suggest putting me in the hospital for ‘observation’ on Thursday. YIKES! I was not ready for that suggestion. When I said that I would do whatever was best for the babies, his response was ‘being in the hospital might not be what is best’. Basically, he is willing to admit me whenever I feel like the hospital is the best place for me and where I will be the most comfortable. At this point, he is okay with me staying home – especially since my cervix/funneling has stabilized the last few weeks. If anything changes though, he wants to admit me ASAP. I do have to make sure that I continue to rest as much as possible. My mind set is that I will be the least stressed at home for at least another week. Even though I am not able to do a ton to help around the house, I still feel like I am an extra set of eyes to watch Quin when Jason is busy making dinner, or an extra pair of hands (as long as I am sitting).

Dr. J is going to try and set up a visit for Jason and I next week to meet with the team of doctors at the NICU. His office is connected to the hospital, so we will set up our next visit with him on the same day as our NICU visit. At that time (crossing our fingers that nothing changes between now and then) we will revisit the topic of hospitalization - EEK! We will let you know when the visit and appointment are scheduled.

We cannot thank all of you enough for your thoughts and prayers. We know that without the support of our friends and family, we couldn’t have made it this far. THANK YOU!


TheGeerlings said...

I hope you're able to remain at home for at least a few more weeks, but you said it best - whatever is best for those babies! Glad to hear everything is stable for now. Thinking about you guys! :)

Meagon said...

Oh you guys, great news! You are doing an excellent job of resting. We will continue our prayers for you and for those babies. I know you want to stay home as long as you can so we will pray for that too. Don't forget, I am here for you, Jason & Quin. I mean that.

beautifulsue said...

I am so glad to read about your good news. Hopefully you can stay at home for a bit longer, but your so right , whatever is best for those babies! Keep resting and sitting. I am home with my son so if you want to call to chat my number is 917-608-2360. I will continue to keep you all in my prayers! Precious little babies!

roobee said...

Thanks for the update! We're sending all of you (and I do mean *all*, haha) of you hugs. As a daughter of a NICU nurse, I've grown up around the energy of those units and am still in awe of what miracles go on in there.

I miss seeing you! :)