Monday, December 1, 2008

Our Baby Basics

For those of you who are just joining us… We are pregnant with TRIPLETS!

Our original due date was/is April 9. Dr. Jelsema would love for me to make it until the end of February, which would make me about 34 weeks. That will make Quin just under 2 years old. Four children under 2 years old - are we crazy, or what! I read on line that having children less than two years apart is called ‘baby bunching’. There has to be a better name for what we are doing :)

At my 17 week ultrasound they found that we are having two girls and a boy. They also found that my cervix was measuring at 29 mm, and anything less than 30 is something that needs to be watched. At my 19 week ultrasound, they found that my cervix had decreased to 23 mm, but even more worrisome was that my uterus was starting to funnel down into my cervix. Dr. Jelsema told me that he has some moms with this who labor early and lose all of the babies, and other moms who carry until 34 weeks. I wasn’t sure if I found that comforting or not! He ordered me off of work earlier than I had expected and told me to sit and lie down as much as possible. At the 20 week ultrasound they found that everything was measuring the same as the week before. Jason and I are hoping that this continues!

We go tomorrow for the 21 week check-up. I will let you know what we find out!

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Micki said...

Thinking about you and hoping that all is well. I love the idea of baby bunching. It says it all. Things are great here except we miss you. The kids are getting excited for Christmas. We're just trying to keep them calm, focused and in their regular routine. You know how it goes. :) Micki