Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Today's Big Outing

This afternoon I actually left my room! I had an appointment to go to my doctor’s office for my next routine ultrasound. (For those of you who don’t know, the doctor’s office is part of the parking structure that is attached to the hospital.) This was quite a big deal. The only times I have left my room since being here was when I have had to go to the labor & delivery floor, and when they switched my rooms. I wasn’t quite sure about all of the movement, plus this meant that I actually had to put on ‘real clothes’ and somewhat do my hair. (I am loving the fact that I don’t have to wear make-up, do my hair and can wear the roomy hospital gowns!) Jason pushed me over. He is slowly getting the hang of steering the wheelchair.

During the ultrasound they were looking at the fluid in each baby’s sacks, what body parts/organs were visible to check, and trying to approximate each baby’s weight. The amount of fluid in each sack is normal. All of the body parts/organs that were visible were also normal. Thank goodness! Baby A (girl) is very, very low – she is at ‘station zero’ for those of you who know labor terms. It is very difficult for them to get all of her measurements, without a more ‘invasive’ ultrasound. Unfortunately, this means we also are not able to see as many of her parts/organs. Using all of the measurements that they were able to get, they estimate her weight at 1 pound and 9 ounces. Baby B (girl) was curled up, but we were able to get most of her information. She weighed in at an approximate 1 pound 13 ounces. Baby C (boy) has the most room. The tech was able to get all of the measurements needed for him, and he also weighed in at an approximate 1 pound and 13 ounces. We were pleased with these weights – not too far from 2 pounds! Hopefully I will continue to lay and incubate all three for at least a few more weeks, helping them gain even more weight.

My next short goal is New Year’s Day. This will make the babies 26 weeks. I never thought I would look forward to Thursdays as much as I do now - although I have to admit that I did look forward to Thursdays in college, but that's a different story! :)

I know I repeat myself often, but we really do appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers. Thank you!



ab said...

Love the new background! Good choice! I'm so happy the ultrasound went well today. And the thought of Jason pushing you around in wheelchair makes me laugh and laugh and laaauugh...

See you next week.

Love you.

Meagon said...

I am right there with Ab. Love the background, totally different than what we discussed but a very good choice. I too, am cracking up at the thought of Jason pushing you around. I bet he was as serious as serious can be! Yeah for all the great news on the ultrasound. Those kids are behaving already! Hope to visit soon, will call and arrange some time.

beautifulsue said...

I am so glad the ultrasound went well and the babies are progressing well! Those babies are doing just what there supposed to be doing! If only it they did that when they come out and start running all over the place. i am trying to be funny... :)! Hang in there and it's almost Thursday! after the babies are born and you have had time to settle down we will have to take you out like a thursday college night!

Anonymous said...

We are so happy everything is going well!! Megan misses you and asks about the babies alot!! Happy New Year!

ab said...

It's me again...surprise!

Happy New Year! Happy New Week! Here's to making it many more.

Love you, Jason and Quin.