Thursday, December 11, 2008

One Shot Down, One to Go

I went in for the first steroid shot this morning, and go for the second shot tomorrow morning. We are hoping that the steroids go straight to the babies! I have been experiencing Braxton Hicks for a few months now (my stomach muscles tighten at random times, simulating contractions – I had them often with Quin as well). My dr. doesn’t think anything of them, and says that I will continue to have them more often as I grow bigger (my uterus thinks it’s already full term because of the weight). Anyways… a few of the side effects of the shots are more tightening, cramping, and slower/less movement of the babies. I have experienced a lot of tightening this afternoon – making it very hard to even stand up. No cramping as of yet, let’s cross our fingers that the tightening is all I experience. I have felt some movement since the shots, so that is always reassuring to me.

We have also found out that we will have another appointment with our doctor next Thursday morning. I think they will be doing another ultrasound and then looking to see if anything has changed. After that we will go over and meet with the NICU doctors, and take a tour. Jason and I are looking forward to the visit (how many parents can honestly say that!)

We hope nothing changes between now and then. We will update you if things change, or after our appointment next Thursday.

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