Sunday, December 28, 2008

I've Made it Two Weeks

What a blessing! I would have never guessed two weeks ago that I would have been able to maintain my dilation/cervix shortening for this long. I can only hope to get another two weeks (or more). I look forward to New Years Day, if only for the simple fact that I will have made it to 26 weeks.

I must have impressed somebody. A corner room opened up, and they asked if I would like to make a switch. It has twice the windows (not that I will get a ton of extra sunlight with the weather we have had) and an extra room attached to it (even more dance space for Quin). It is a nice change of scenery. Jason and Quin were here for dinner when we switched. I didn’t realize how much ‘stuff’ I had accumulated since my arrival. It was nice that he was able to help with the move!

The move has put the pressure on – it is a lot to live up to. The corner rooms are usually reserved for the patients who are here long term. I like a challenge – I hope to meet their expectations! :)

Have a great week! Joelee


ab said...

I think they did the right thing by upgrading you. It pays to be nice, right?

Remember when I yelled "MERRY CHRISTMAS" and your nurse heard? Twice? I think that's why.

Love you, Jo. Enjoy your first night in your new room.

Micki said...

So thankful that you are hanging in there. I think about you daily and send great wishes your way. I'm so pround of you for making the best of your stay there. It probably does feel good to get some things off the pile...... Quins baby book. You always make the best out of things and are always upbeat. No wonder the staff loves you. Enjoy your new room. Actually we have had some sun and I'm sure you are enjoying every ray. I hope and pray that you make it for a long time on bedrest and I think being thankful for each day is definitely the way to go. You rock!!! Micki

Christa said...

Just a quick Happy New Year from Howell.. so glad to hear the babies are still resting comfortably :).. thinking of you and your family.. Christa, ya know, Abbeys friend, the one who sent you CLEAN baby blankets :) hang in there..

Megan said...

Hey! Glad youhad a good Christmas.. i just figured out how to follow this! I think about you and prey for you every day! Im glad your doing so well.. keep it up! Love you

Judy said...

Prayers are being answered Miss Joelee!!
I finally learned how to use this thing and wanted you to know that you and Quinn and Jason and the babies are prayed for and loved..sending you big hugs! I read this everyday for updates!
wonderful news! you will be writing again from there next week! ta da! Love Judy