Tuesday, December 22, 2009

All they want for Christmas is...

their front teeth!
Christmas wishes came early for the babies :) For about 2 months Ellery looked like this:
She became quite skilled at biting on chilled teething rings while playing!
About the middle of November Ellery got both of her bottom front teeth. I think they grew in over night. She loves to show them off.
About a week later Gianna's front bottom left tooth started to peak up through her gums. It has been the slowest growing tooth ever!
Just last week, Easton's bottom right tooth broke the gums - yay! It is very little and try as I might, I cannot get a picture of it.
Above is Gianna with her little tooth.
Below is Ellery with her cute bottom teeth.
Teeth?!?!? How in the world did my babies grow up so fast????

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