Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Morning

In true kid fashion, Quin was up at 6:00am! She did fall back asleep long enough for us to feed the babies - thank goodness. After making our way downstairs she was very happy to see that Santa only left crumbs of the cookies that she left for him, and that the reindeer food that she put out on our front step was gone.

I think the anticipation got the best of her. She tuckered out fast. After just a few presents, she was ready to open one, play with it and forget about the rest. I know I will wish for this in the future, but I was slightly bummed that she wasn't ripping through the paper. Next year I am sure she will have a better comprehension of Christmas.

The only thing she asked Santa for was a book. Love that!
Ellery, who is my touchy feely baby, also loved all of the wrapping paper. She actually was better at opening the gifts than Quin was.
Quin LOVES to take pictures! Her Aunt Abbey lets her use her camera to take pictures, and she tries to use my point and shoot. That Santa is such a smart guy! He brought Quin her very own, kid proof, camera! I think she has taken over 400 pictures in the last 24 hours. We have many candid shots of our lower halves, as well as still photos of items around the house :)
Of course the best item under the tree wasn't a gift, it was the wrapping! All four of them loved the textures and the sounds.
I can't wait for Christmas' to come! We had a wonderful family morning - I can't wait to see what the future Christmas' bring!

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