Monday, December 21, 2009

Popa's Birthday!

I'm baaack :) I am so happy to have some free time (ha!) now that I am on Christmas vacation. I have more than a few posts to put together (only about a month and a half worth), so you may be on Sizemore Family overload come the new year!

We celebrated my dad's birthday at our house last month. I love when my family gets together. We always have a lot of good laughs.
My dad and Gianna (What's a birthdy without a special pin?!?!)
And, of course, Linc came! I hate that I don't get to see him more often! It is funny how just one more baby makes our house feel like Baby Central. Quin isn't phased by it though. I am pretty sure she would love it if we 'kept' him here all of the time. I'm thinking by the look on his face, he is happy that she doesn't always get her way!
Family get togethers means picture of the cousins. Not overly successful, but always worth the try!
Happy Birthday Popa!

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