Saturday, December 26, 2009

Aquino Christmas

On Christmas day, after opening gifts at our house, we headed over to my parents. My brother Nate, Sister Abbey, her husband Kirk, their son Linc, my Aunt Shelley, Uncle John and Grandpa all joined us. I love spending the day with my family! Our children are so loved (by both sides of our families!).
Uncle Nate and Easton
This is best picture I have of the girls together. Gianna (L) and Ellery (R) They loved the new set of toys that my mom has hidden for them!
We are having a little issue with Quin wanting to play with all of the babies' toys. This adorable bee rider was given to the triplets by my sister, but Quin has quickly decided that she will ride it until they can.
Easton and Lincoln shared some bonding time (it didn't last long, but that is okay). It looks like they are in a serious discussion of which way the toy should turn :)
Quin loves her time with her Uncle Nate. "Look at me, I flying!"
How handsome is Linc getting?!?!? I thought it was funny that without talking to my sister, he had on the other boy outfit in the Gymboree collection that my three babes had on! Great minds think alike!

We had an amazing Christmas season - sure beats being in the hospital on bedrest like last year! Thank you to both of our amazing families!

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