Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree

We took the day after Thanksgiving as an opportunity to get our Christmas tree. After much thought, we nixed the idea of taking all four kids to cut down a tree. Instead we took Quin to a lot and chose one that was already cut. Next year should be more interesting.

We decorated the tree in two phases (well, four really - each phase was started with kids, and then finished after bedtime). While putting on the Christmas lights, Quin found these reindeer antlers in a tub. Gianna actually seemed to take a liking to them!
About a week later we took an evening to add the decorations. The babies liked watching as the shiny things were added and Quin was pretty good at placing the ornaments on sturdy limbs (later to be moved a few feet higher on the tree). Our tree is decorated, oh probably only 1/2 way down. We may not even add ornaments next year :) If we hold the babies near the tree, they will reach out and touch the branches. They are not overly interested though. Again, I can't imagine what craziness is in store for us next year with the tree!
Gianna, Ellery, Quin and Easton
Quin and Easton

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