Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mini Me

Between school and home, I don't have to go far to see daily imitations of how I act (not necessarily a good thing - it always cracks me up when I see a student or Quin talking loudly with their hands flying through the air!) It is a daily reminder to watch what I do :)

A few days after decorating the tree, Jason walked in to find Quin posing her special three dolls (Cookie, Howie and Melmo). We just died laughing! She was so serious about it. She was talking to them, trying to prop them up for pretend pictures, fixing their antlers...

She usually has these three scrunched into her stroller, and now smooshed into her shopping cart (they are her version of triplets). She treats them as if they were her very own children!
During one of the recent snow days, I could hear her playing in the front room. As I peaked around the corner, I saw her rocking Howie. She was talking very quietly and calmly, telling him "it's alright, your Quinnie is here. Shhh, it's alright", while giving him little kisses. When she noticed me, she told me "Oh Mommy, Howie is sad, he is cwying". It actually brought tears to my eyes.
About a minute or so later, I peaked again and saw this...
Ha! Looks like Howie quickly turned his 'cwying' around and needs a little talkin' to. Love the hand on the hip - yep, I know where she gets that from!

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