Monday, June 7, 2010

All Dressed Up & No Where To Go

We were all disappointed last weekend when the weather forced our local Memorial Day parade to be cancelled. My class (along with all of the first and second graders from our district) march in the parade. This year Quin and the triplets were going to march along with us. The parade was cancelled at the last minute, so our family was all dressed and ready to go. Needless to say, Quin was the most disappointed. Within a half hour after the start time, the sun was shining. Trying to explain to a three year old why we can't march even though it was nice out now... tricky!
I found these 'silly glasses' on the dollar rack. Quin still had a good time with them (Now I just have to remember to get them back out on the 4th of July).
Ellery couldn't wait to take the bow out of her hair!
'All American Sweetheart' ~ Gianna's shirt couldn't be more true :)
Easton's shirt isn't too far off either ~ 'Little Firecracker'
We tried to make up for the lack luster morning with a trip to feed local ducks and a yummy BBQ.
We are hoping for better luck next year!

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