Monday, June 7, 2010

Festival Fun

Jason and I used to love to go out to eat, at least once or twice a week. Name a restaurant, we probably had eaten there. Quin's arrival didn't slow us down - we just would go during times when she would be in a good mood. Boy, how things have changed since the triplets arrival! I have to say that every so often I drool when I read about new restaurant openings, or listening to people talk about going out to eat. The thought about bringing all four kids out to eat is daunting, and not worth the trouble. Getting a sitter is equally tiresome. We will get back to going out to eat someday! Good thing I don't mind cooking :)

In the meantime, we try to find different ways to eat 'out'. This past weekend we took our crew down to Festival in Grand Rapids. There were some super yummy food booths. I liked that it was different than your typical carnival food - it felt healthier. I also like it when we can each get the type of food we want. Quin had a banana wrapped in a tortilla with peanut butter and nutella - how come I never thought of that! It was yummy!

We made it out to the kids area. Quin reluctantly made a hat - can you tell by her smile?!?
Festival itself is billed as a festival of the arts. Lots of singing, dancing, artist/crafters. We stopped at a few stages. We saw a kid's music singer, a group of belly dancers, a rock band and a dance studio. Quin loved watching all of them (while eating her pickle on a stick, of course).
Gianna loves music - and can keep the beat amazingly well! She was in heaven while watching the dancers. She swayed back and forth so much, I thought her stroller may tip.
Kudos to Grand Rapids! We had a great time eating 'out', and loved the entertainment too!

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