Monday, June 21, 2010


My three munchkins have reached their next milestone - they are walkers! Okay, so they really are toddling still but are well on the way. A little late for their 17 month age, but taking their adjusted age and the fact that Quin didn't walk until 15 months - I wasn't worried in the least bit. They have been walking along furniture for quite awhile now, so I figured they would be walking soon.

Gianna was the first to walk. She started walking close to a month ago. She was never a big crawler. She was the first to sit, and then just sat and sat and sat... Once she figured out how to crawl (she was the last), she quickly began to walk around on her knees instead. I think the balance that it took for her to walk on her knees helped her to progress to walking rather quickly.
Ellery has been taking a few steps for a couple of weeks now. She has finally started to want to walk, and is getting closer to doing well!
Easton has been the last to walk - he would much prefer to climb! I think he is motivated to walk only because he sees his sisters doing it. When he wants to get somewhere faster then them, he inevitably crawls or climbs there.
This new milestone leaves me with mixed emotions! No longer babies, I must now realize that they are actual toddlers :( I am excited though for them to walk well - it will help my back a ton! :) Now I need to work on training them to all walk in the same direction, instead of three different!

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