Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Curve Ball & a Bandage

Poor guy didn't know what he was in for :) Jason took this at 6:45 this morning.
Easton’s actual surgery went well. The doctor/surgeon was able to remove his dermoid cyst easily, and intact. It was slightly larger than last month when the MRI was done, so it was a good call to have it removed now rather than later.

Easton did “throw them a curve ball” (quoted from the doctor). After the surgery was complete and Easton was coming out of the anesthesia, he had a laryngospasm. (Yay, that term was new to me too) It happened without warning, but thankfully the anesthesiologist was near by and helped. From my understanding (which could or could not be correct  ), it happened as he was being extubated. It basically is a muscle spasm in the throat. He stopped breathing for a very short time and they had to use a bag to help him breath. After he was breathing, they gave him an albuteral treatment to help relax his muscles even more. They kept him longer than anticipated for monitoring, but he recovered well! The eye surgeon would like our pediatrician to follow up given his history when in the NICU. I am just happy we didn’t know about it while it was happening! Thank God for the wonderful doctors, specialists, nurses and extra team players!

I was in heaven! He cuddled/slept on me for what felt like hours. At one point I had my feet up, was reading a magazine and listening to him breath. That is like a vacation for a MoM like me :)

We were home by late afternoon, and Easton was himself within an hour or so – pushing his sisters around, pulling hair and climbing on everything. It was a wonderful sight (for a few minutes anyways…). He was starving, and ate much more than normal for dinner, poor guy. I am hoping that he is already back on schedule (and sleeps through the night!)

He has a post-op appointment tomorrow morning. They will take off the bandage then and we will see how well it is beginning to heal.
Thanks again for all of your positive thoughts and prayers - we could feel them all!!!

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