Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Easton's Surgery {Prayers Please}

Easton's surgery date has finally arrived. He will be having the dermoid cyst near his eye removed early tomorrow morning (his check in time is 6:30am, ugh!). The surgery is supposed to be at 8:30 am, and last around an hour and a half. It is out patient, so we should be able to bring Easton home later in the afternoon.

Although the surgery itself isn't terribly dangerous, it is still nerve racking to think about him under anesthesia, and being cut open. We pray that the cyst is able to be removed without rupturing, that Easton tolerates the anesthesia, and that he comes out of it with little side effects. We also pray for his doctor and his team of nurses/assistants. We ask that you join us in positive thoughts and prayers. Thank you! I will try to post tomorrow night with an update on how things go.

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