Saturday, January 1, 2011

Aquino Chrismas

After spending the morning of Christmas day at home, we headed over to my parents house. I LOVE to see my family. I feel like we are rarely all in the same place, at the same time - so it is always a treat when it happens!
I loved all of it, but this picture was my very favorite part of the day:) Lincoln, my sister's son, sat next to me the whole time we opened presents. His little chubby fingers would inch towards any present with a bow - it was SO cute! That was all he cared about - so innocent and sweet!
My foursome had a great time opening presents. Quin obviously knew what to do, and was a little more gracious and patient than she was in the morning (In the morning she acted as if the presents would all disappear if she didn't open and use them right away... ugh!)

Gianna was Popa's helper! She loved opening her presents, but was much more concerned with helping pick up all of the wrapping paper scraps and putting them into the trash bag - she is such a good girl!
Ellery was very hesitant in the morning to open her presents, but slowly got the hang of tearing the paper off by the afternoon.
Not a good picture of Easton, but I don't have any pictures of his outfit - he looked SO handsome! (I don't have many of Quin either - hmph!)
After making sure the paper was all cleaned up, Gianna plopped down right next to Linc. She had her arm around him, and kept leaning over to give him kisses. She is such a mother hen - so loving! I love the look on his face - the whole time he just looked at her like 'why in the world are you sitting that close to me, AND do you really need to touch me!'.
Within a half an hour, Easton and Linc made their way over to the toys. Are they boys, or what?!?!
One of Quin's favorite gifts was a keyboard with a microphone. She immediately found a way to 'put on a concert'. She had several songs in her repertoire - she started with the ABC's, and then made up words for the rest of her songs all to the tune of ....ABC. Good thing she was so excited and cute about it! I think Linc may be her first groupie!!!
We had a fabulous Christmas day - thank you Gigi, Popa, Aunt Abbey, Uncle Kirk, Lincoln and Uncle Nate for all of the fabulous toys!!!

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