Thursday, January 27, 2011

Slip Sledding Away

Two weekends ago we took the kids sledding for the first time. There are some incredible sledding 'mountains' near our home, but we needed some tame starter hills. We brought them to the school (playground) where I teach. Quin loves going to my school and was super excited about bringing her sled with her!
Quin was scared to go down alone at first, so Jason and I both were each able to re-live our sledding days for the first few rounds.
She finally became brave enough to make it down on her own - and loved it! Within minutes a certain Ms. Ellery was screaming mad - She was dying to get on that sled!
Quin obliged! :) She was happy to have the babes go down with her.
The triplets took a couple trips down on the sled together.
It was very cold out that weekend, and the triplets didn't last long. So, I brought them into our school's gymnasium. We gathered a few balls and I thought they would love to kick and chase after them. Well... that only lasted for a few moments until they found the...
drinking fountain!
What can I say... they live a sheltered life. HA! All three kids were fascinated with pushing the side buttons, seeing the water fly and trying to catch it. When Quin came in from sledding she was happy to show them all of the ins and outs of the fountain.
We spent quite a bit of time shooting hoops, throwing balls and going up and down the steps.
I love going home with 4 exhausted kiddos!!!

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