Tuesday, January 11, 2011

First Skate

This past Sunday Jason took Quin ice skating for the very first time! She has been dying to go for over a year now. Jason loves hockey (that may be an understatement!). He watches it on tv, has taken Quin to a few hockey games and up until recently our whole basement was a Red Wing haven. He may have had more fun than Quin!

The city of Holland has an outdoor rink this year, so it was nice to bring her to a local rink. When we got there it was snowing big fluffy flakes. Quin was more interested in trying to catch them in her mouth, than getting on the ice. She thought catching the flakes (and getting them stuck to her face) was hilarious!
As we got there, a few hockey players were finishing their game. After they left, the ice was completely empty for a few minutes. It was nice to have the rink to ourselves! While Jason laced up his skates, I walked Quin around the rink. (It was covered in snow, so it was easy to walk on - Jason was upset there wasn't a shovel. Oh well!)
Of course we brought the babes! They love getting outside, and it was the perfect chance to use the Choo Choo wagon for the first time (it worked like a charm!).
Quin and Jason spent a lot of time practicing skating (a.k.a. walking/falling/sliding...) around the rink. The whole time we were there, there wasn't more than ten people total at a time. It was nice to not feel rushed or feel like they were going to be run over by speedy know it alls.
I ran over to the other side of the rink. The babes sat so nicely almost the whole time watching Jason and Quin (the three little heads to the right side of the picture).
Before I know it, the babes are going to want to be on the ice chuggin' along with Quin!
Jason and I drove seperate so that I could take the babes home when they got too cold. What troopers they were. The four of us left just a few minutes before Quin and Jason, but they probably could have made it the entire time!
A big thanks to Jalen for letting Quin use his skates! She thought it was so cool to have his skates!


Ami said...

OMG! That looks like such fun! I don't know how we could even survive without our choo choo wagon! We go everywhere in it! :)

The Alexanders said...

we have a ton in common...I am also a teacher, we are taking the fellas skating tomorrow for the first time, we also just got the choo choo wagon, and of course the triplets!!! Super cute blog :)

Joelee said...

HAVE FUN! I give you credit for taking your little guys skating - I figure next year we can venture on the ice with the triplets!