Saturday, January 1, 2011

Gifts for the New Year

Last year I wrote about my parent's tradition of giving New Year's gifts to help usher in the new year. As a parent now, it is one that I look forward to probably just as much as Christmas. I love that Quin doesn't remember this tradition yet. It was fun to see her excitement as she happened upon the presents. All four kids sat and looked at the presents for a moment :)
*Sidenote - This was the first year that we took our Christmas tree down before New Year's day. The flu bug hit our house bad last week! We were out of commission for over 5 days. Although I lost a lot of vacation time, I was so thankful that it wasn't during school - writing sub plans stinks! Because of the flu, I did some deep cleaning - which included taking down {almost} all of the decorations. I couldn't take down the little tree until after the New Year gifts were opened though.
Just like last year, we gave each of the kids two new sets of pajamas! They needed them! Quin also got a robe. Sounds strange, I know, but she asked for it. Here is a little secret about me: I love my robe and wear it ALL of the time. I wear it from the moment I get out of bed in the morning, until after my kids eat breakfast (it protects my clothes for the school day). On the weekends I wear it much longer. And if I am really cold (happens often!), I will put it on - I just love to wear it. Anywho... Quin has asked for one for herself. I hope she loves it as much as I love mine!
Along with pj's, we gave each of the kids a little something. Gianna got a new baby (she steals Quin's all of the time).
Ellery got a microphone. (I know it isn't pictured - sorry.)
Easton got a truck that he can push around.
And, New Year's morning isn't complete without monkey bread!
Ellery loved it!
I wish all four of my kids the best year yet!


Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

I love wearing a robe as well!

What a fun tradition to have with the kids! Looks like they loved it!

Joelee said...

So glad that you agree Heather! Whenever one of the dogs barks I go running for the bathroom to take my robe off (I wouldn't want anyone to actually catch me wearing it ;) But... I do love it!