Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sizemore Christmas

The day after Christmas we headed to Jason's brother Jeff's house to celebrate Christmas with their side of the family. Just as with my family - we are rarely all together, so it was wonderful to see everyone!

We attempted a cousin picture will all six grandkids... and it didn't go over well. Gianna was in no mood (she needs a minimum of 30 minutes to warm up when we go somewhere...). We should have tried again because by the end of the day all four of my kids were so happy to be there - they were running circles and screaming with delight. So fun to see! Our foursome were spoiled all over again!
I was so proud of Ellery! Number three was the charm - she got right in there and ripped the paper off without too much thought.
Easton still didn't have much interest. It is so amazing to me how different he is than the girls. Jason helped him open most of his presents.

Unfortunately, I lost track of my camera and don't have very many pictures. The kids had so much fun playing, I wish I had pictures of them in action!

Another big thank you to Grandma, Aunt Christy, Uncle Mike, Aunt Monica, Uncle Jeff, Allyson and Haylee!

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