Thursday, January 27, 2011

When Mom's Away, Linc Gets to Play

My sister, Abbey, and her husband, Kirk, were able to go to Vegas for a long weekend. While they were away, my parents had the pleasure of watching Lincoln - woohoo! I took my awesome foursome over for the whole day on Saturday - and we had a blast! My brother, Nate, was also able to come and play for the day!
I love to watch Lincoln interact with all of my kids (I know I say that every time we get to see him!). What is even better? Seeing my brother join in on the kid fun! The six of them (my four, Linc and my brother) played ALL day long. Thanks again Nate!
Nate is trying to show the boys how rough housing is done right!
Abbey and Kirk have a great sun room/play room, full of toys new and old. Quin dug out Lincoln's old (door jam) jumper. Her immediate thought for what it was??? A giant stethoscope :)
Growing up we would often have family 'dance parties' after dinner. I have continued this tradition with my own four. So... Quin thought it was only right to include Lincoln, Uncle Nate, Popa and Gigi!
Ellery and Gianna even did a little table dancing - go girls!

We missed having Abbey and Kirk around, but sure did love our time with Linc!

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Gigi said...

All the grandchildren are so cute when together!