Monday, December 26, 2011

Family Pictures 2011

For those of you who have checked out the main page of our blog, or are Facebook friends with me - most of these pictures are old news.  I did add one or two new ones though :)

In late August we had the amazingly talented Tammi from More Than Words Photography take our pictures again (she has taken our fall pictures for the past three years now).  It always shocks me that she can take such beautiful pictures when I walk away from the session thinking 'What a disaster!'.  A huge thank you to Tammi for being so thorough, patient and caring!
 I love that she caught Easton on an upstep - he is a few inches shorter than Ellery, but you can't tell in this picture.
 This is a different picture than I added to the right side of our blog.  Quin was such a stinker during this session - she had lots of attitude, and wanted to do everything on her terms (pretty much how she always is though!).  I love how happy she looks in this picture - as if she is thinking of something that is making her laugh.
 This is also a different picture of Ellery than I added to the side of our blog.  I had just had her bangs cut a week or so before the session - I was bummed when I realized how long they looked in the picture.  Oh well, she is beautiful with long bangs or short!
 I think Gianna is such a cute girl - but I have a hard time getting cute pictures of her.  Not so hard for Tammi though!
 My handsome little man :)

 This was the very last shot of the session.  I love, love, love this picture! 
 Many of you tell me that we are always so photogenic   {I give all of the credit to Tammi - she is the one who takes the pictures!}  For all of you who give me such a hard time, I had to add this picture.  I am sure there are many more silly looking pictures that never come close to making the cut, but Tammi included this one.  It makes me laugh every time I look at it.  I love the look on Gianna's face, and the fact Jason is smiling as Quin makes a kissing face at him. 
A huge thank you to both Tammi and her husband who helped make this another successful session!

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