Monday, December 26, 2011


Ah yes, I realize it is the day after Christmas and I am posting about Halloween...  sorry!

If you have followed us for a few years now, you realize that I love to put together theme costumes for Halloween.  The first year the four kiddos were Goldilocks and the 3 bears, and then last year they were all zoo animals.  This year we went with the 3 little pigs and the big bad wolf.  I gave Quin the option of being the wolf or a pig, and she opted for the pig.  She put up a fight the few days before Halloween (she wanted to wear one of her princess dress up outfits).  Since I told her the only way she would be able to trick or treat was as a pig, the prospect of candy won out!  Come the night of Halloween, she was a very good sport!
 They were sooo stinkin' cute from behind - those curly tails bobbed as they walked!
 I love the look on Easton's face!  We had so many people stop us - all he wanted to do was keep walking.  We had several people ask us if they could take their picture... Jason was very disturbed by this!  I just laugh and kept us moving!
 I sure wish they would cooperate with me!  I tried to get Easton to look like he was 'huffin & puffin', but he had no interest! 
 Why couldn't he focus for a picture???  Well, duh... the candy was calling his name!
 It was a beautiful night!  We were able to sit on the porch and hand out candy.  I only wish it was this nice every year.  The kids had a blast putting candy in the kids bags, guessing what other kids were dressed up as, and telling everyone what they were dressed up as. 
We ran out of candy (we do every year).  If my memory serves me correctly, we handed out close to 550 pieces!  Crazy kids are probably still eating all of that candy - ick!

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