Saturday, December 31, 2011


We let the triplets in on our Santa Visit traditions this year!  Both last year, and the year before, we took Quin out to eat at a local hibachi and to visit with Santa.  The triplets loved it there (as did the rest of us)!
Ellery did a really good job using her chop sticks!  We kept trying to get her to use her fork, as it is a much faster way of eating, but she stuck with the sticks.
Easton loved dipping his steak in the white sauce - YUM!
Our chef left behind his mini-twist-hand-drum-thing-a-ma-jig for my kids to play with...  All the kids loved trying to get it to beat.  If the other people at the restaurant didn't love us before this point in the meal, I am positive that they did after the drumming ;)
Because I had no idea what they would do during our visit with Santa, we went to the Holland Mall again in hopes that there would be a short line.  We were in luck, because there was only one family ahead of us.  It was good that we could watch another set of kids sit on his lap, because I think it helped reassure my kiddos that he was alright.
I was shocked!  Ellery was the first one to hop up on Santa's lap - there wasn't a moment of hesitation on her part!  Not wanting to be outdone, Quin did the same.  Gianna and Easton both sat near him...  It didn't last long, but long enough for me to snap one picture.  All four kids were good - but only Quin talked to Santa.  The triplets just kept watching his every move, but they were happy to give him a high five and accept the candy canes when we left.  Yay for no tears!
All four pose quickly with their new hats and candy canes.
(Sidenote:  The sweater Ellery has on just happens to be the same sweater Quin wore two years ago when she visited Santa...  Sigh... why do they have to grow up so fast!)

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